My Running History

FiveFingers (37/365)

I’ll try and keep this fairly short, but I have been known to waffle on so please excuse me if it gets a bit long ūüôā

My running inspiration comes from my sister. ¬†She started running in her late teens (if I remember right), and has been a runner ever since – I call her a runner as it’s become one of the things that defines her. ¬†She’s a (medical) doctor in a very busy job (as a consultant), and yet she’s still found the time to run over 40 marathons in the past 20 years or so. ¬†She lives and breathes running… or at least she did until she gave birth to her beautiful daughter a couple of months ago ūüôā

So, I started running when I went to university, mainly because I was inspired by my sister. ¬†She’s not pushy at all but she’s very encouraging and she used to talk of runs with such real enthusiasm that I thought I’d better give it a go. ¬†I did a few run-walk affairs, mainly to get places a bit quicker than walking on it’s own. ¬†Then my girlfriend (now my wife) and I decided to take it a little more seriously with a magazine plan to a 25 minute run, and 6 weeks later we had got to 25-30 minutes running. Continue reading →


My First “Ultra” Run

Ibsley Bridge

If the definition of an Ultrarun is more than 26.2 miles, then yesterday I did my first! ¬†It was a training run from my home to my mum’s house, a total distance of 26.8 miles with at least 80% off-road, and considering my recent running totals (I only did 39 miles running in the whole of July), I’m very pleased with the distance and how it went.

I’ll talk a bit about the run itself, then look at a few conclusions I’ve come to (feel free to jump down if you don’t want all the waffle). Continue reading →

Win-tervals. (Wine + Intervals :) )


I wouldn’t have thought it was generally recommended to do a track session after having a couple of glasses of wine, but I really needed to get out this evening and get at least¬†some¬†sort of run done, so why not make it a track run?!

I went up to the track in the school playing field very close to where I live (see the photo above from a test flight of my quadrocopter a couple of months ago). ¬†The track’s on grass so it’s nice and gentle on the legs (at least as gentle as a track session can be), and with it being school holidays the area it usually deserted.

I kept the session the same as last time (warm up, then 8 x 400m with 2 minutes rest in between). ¬†I use a Garmin (310XT) so my times are logged, and last week and today I set the watch up to measure the 400m thinking it would be accurate enough. ¬†But today I learnt that it’s not quite there and I really should use the track markings. ¬†Laps 5 recorded on the Garmin was too short this time round so it should really be ignored. ¬†At least I know for next time.

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Recent Runs…

Red Arrows

To give some idea of where I am right now (August 2013), here’s some stats about some recent runs I’ve done:

I ran just over 8 miles at slightly faster then 8min/mile pace last Saturday. ¬†Which is quite impressive for me right now. ¬†Or at least it would have been if (a) it hadn’t been mostly downhill or flat and (b) I hadn’t stopped quite so much. ¬†The first mile was 6:47/mile which is fast for me on any run, but ridiculous on a 8+ miler. ¬†Still, I’m pleased I managed to the end. ¬†Mentally it was pretty tough with a stitch and feeling tired from about 3-4 miles in, and I kept that in mind trying to use it to strengthen my mind a bit.

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Welcome to Two Running Feet.  The intention for this site is so I can write down some thoughts and my progress from lumpy lardass to honed ultrarunner*, so sit back and enjoy the ride

(* er… I have a good imagination!)

This blog is intended to track my progress towards my initial target – the Endure 24 run which is a 24 hours endurance event. ¬†I’m starting in a position of about 17 years of not particularly focused running experience with a bit of cycling shoved in for good measure. ¬†I’ve run 3 marathons but I’m not fast (fastest is 4:24), although I did manage to get my 10K time down from 62 minutes (back in nineteen ninety something) to 43:44 which I’m pretty pleased with (although that was back in 2011), and my 5K to 20:44. ¬†Medium-to-long term goals include breaking 20 minutes for 5K and 40 minutes for 10K.

I’ll write a post about my history with a few significant milestones so there’s an idea of where I’m starting, but I’ll also be posting bits and pieces about how I’m progressing.

To show my utter commitment to the running cause, I’m currently writing this under the influence of some mid-afternoon wine, hence the slightly incoherent waffling ūüôā ¬†But jump on and have a laugh as I try to break myself!