Recent Runs…

Red Arrows

To give some idea of where I am right now (August 2013), here’s some stats about some recent runs I’ve done:

I ran just over 8 miles at slightly faster then 8min/mile pace last Saturday.  Which is quite impressive for me right now.  Or at least it would have been if (a) it hadn’t been mostly downhill or flat and (b) I hadn’t stopped quite so much.  The first mile was 6:47/mile which is fast for me on any run, but ridiculous on a 8+ miler.  Still, I’m pleased I managed to the end.  Mentally it was pretty tough with a stitch and feeling tired from about 3-4 miles in, and I kept that in mind trying to use it to strengthen my mind a bit.

I ran a track session on the school playing field at the top of the road a week ago today.  The plan was a warm up, then 8 x 400m reps at a target pace of around 6min/mile, so 90 seconds per 400m.  I managed 85, 88, 88, 95, 90, 95, 93, 93 which was pretty close to what I was aiming for.  I hadn’t done a track session in years, and this was meant as a bit of a starting point for weekly track sessions – at least now I have a set of numbers to try and beat next time.  Which reminds me… it was a week ago, and I really should go for a run today…

My running it pretty sporadic, so for the last month or two it’s been:

03 August: 8.17miles

31 July: 8 x 400m track session

29th July:  15 miles on the bike

28th July: 14 miles on the bike

25th July: 14 miles on the bike

21st July: 4.28 miles running

20th July: 4.02 miles

18th July: 4.15 miles

13th July: 4.15 miles

10th July: 14.10 miles


This isn’t meant to bore you completely, but it just gives an idea of the amount of running I’m starting at – not so much.  I’m poking around in Garmin Connect right now, so here’s a few more stats:

Last few weekly miles (running only):

3.87, 4.28, 6.66, 18.15, 6.01, 44.23, 23.73, 2.76, 12.61…  (That’s pretty mad! 2.76 miles one week, 44.23 a couple of weeks later!)

And to finish the numbers, here’s my monthly stats for the whole of 2013:

January: apparently, no running, but 66 miles of cycling

February: 14 miles running, 44 miles cycling.  Not so good.

March: 59  miles running, 10 miles cycling.

April: 36 miles running, 73 miles cycling

May: 16 miles running, 131 miles cycling

June: 83.32 miles running, 201 miles cycling.  This was  a good month!

July: 38.97 miles running, 148 miles cycling.

I was training up for a 60 mile cycle ride at the beginnign of July hence the shift over to cycling.  But the numbers above are a bit of an eye-opener for me.  I thought I was doing more running than that, and I damn well need to be to get prepared for the Endure 24 event next June.

So… A plan.  I don’t really do plans much, but it seems like I should pay a bit more attention to what I’m doing.  So here’s the first bit: At least 100 miles a month (20-25 miles per week) in September and from then on.  Lets see how I get on with that.

But for now, I’m thinking I might pop up to the school field at the top of the road and see if a little wine helps with 8 x 400m intervals… 🙂


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