Welcome to Two Running Feet.  The intention for this site is so I can write down some thoughts and my progress from lumpy lardass to honed ultrarunner*, so sit back and enjoy the ride

(* er… I have a good imagination!)

This blog is intended to track my progress towards my initial target – the Endure 24 run which is a 24 hours endurance event.  I’m starting in a position of about 17 years of not particularly focused running experience with a bit of cycling shoved in for good measure.  I’ve run 3 marathons but I’m not fast (fastest is 4:24), although I did manage to get my 10K time down from 62 minutes (back in nineteen ninety something) to 43:44 which I’m pretty pleased with (although that was back in 2011), and my 5K to 20:44.  Medium-to-long term goals include breaking 20 minutes for 5K and 40 minutes for 10K.

I’ll write a post about my history with a few significant milestones so there’s an idea of where I’m starting, but I’ll also be posting bits and pieces about how I’m progressing.

To show my utter commitment to the running cause, I’m currently writing this under the influence of some mid-afternoon wine, hence the slightly incoherent waffling 🙂  But jump on and have a laugh as I try to break myself!


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