Wimborne 10

I’ve been a bit busy (* lazy!) recently and got behind with a couple of “diary entry” posts, so I’m going to write this one fairly quickly.  On Sunday 17th, I ran the Wimborne 10 (mile) race, which was lovely!

This was another race where you parked a fair way from the start.  Why does no-one else run to the start?!  I ran on down at a slow pace while loads of other people just wandered down the pavement.  I ended up crossing over and running on the road to avoid the crowded pavements, and was getting very odd looks from people as I ran the 0.7 miles to the start.  Weird… I thought people were here to run.

20 minutes or so after I got to the start, we all lined up ready to go for a 10:30 start.  It was a ruddy great musket that set us all going once people had got over the noise!  Like the last 10 mile race I did, I started too far back and spent the first mile running in a bit of a crowd and sneaking through gaps where possible.  I was quite glad because I haven’t run enough races recently to get an in-built feel of pace and I know I’d go off too fast, so I was glad to be held back.  The first mile has a lot of downhill, but I was still quite surprised when my Garmin beeped with a 7:53 mile, especially as I felt like I was hardly putting any effort in at all.

I worried that I might be going too fast to sustain, but quickly decided I was just going to run this race entirely how I felt.  Just run however felt good – run in the moment, and sod the consequences later on!

The miles ticked on by at an even faster pace – miles 5 and 6 were both faster than 7:30/mile – and I was thoroughly enjoying the race.  I even had a little jig to the morris dancers at the half way point 🙂

By mile 7 I was beginning to feel it, and mile 8 started the long ascent back up to the start (it’s pretty much an out and back route).  By this point, I felt the effects of my enthusiastic running for the previous 8 miles.  The hill kept going and I got pretty slow.  I knew the final 0.6 miles was flat and figured I could make up time by running faster on that than killing myself up the hill, so I got overtaken by about 5 people running up the final hill.  I didn’t quite manage to catch them all up on the straight, but I did pelt it for the last 400m and I have never, ever felt as totally spent as I did after this race!

But I loved it.  When you stop running after the sprint and your legs don’t quite work, your lungs are screaming for more air than they can grab, and you head is wondering what the hell is going on, I just grin 🙂  I sat on the grass for a few minutes, then staggered around and managed to grab a cup of tea (how very British!).  My overall time was 1 hour 18 minutes 42 seconds, and after a bit of a dig around in Garmin Connect I’ve concluded this is a PB – my second one in 8 days.  I’m loving running at the moment!

And to top it all off, 10 minutes after I’d finished and drunk my tea, I ran the 0.7 miles back to the car – again, seemingly to the total confusion of the other people walking back!


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