Thoughts from Todays Run

Last week I had been planning to run 40+ miles, but after the running club on Wednesday I decided that I’d take it easy as my ankle/calf/knee/ITB* was playing up.  I partly thought I’d be sensible and have a few days off, but mostly I just didn’t fancy running.  Which annoyed me.

(* delete as applicable when I can figure out which one is causing the problems!)

Aaaaanyway, today – despite feeling a bit coldy – I got my kit on and went out, telling myself I’d see how I feel and run appropriately.  As usual, that didn’t work and I ended up doing 10.3 miles and coming within 3 minutes of my 10 mile PB on what was supposed to be a gentle, relaxing run!  I had quite a few random thoughts while running around, so I thought I’d write the ones I remembered down

  1. It takes my ankles a surprisingly long time to wake up when it’s cold – about 2 miles!
  2. Trail running is so much more fun than road running
  3. Autumn leaves make for beautiful paths, but can hide some hefty tree roots.
  4. My running and breathing hardly changes over reasonable hills now – I guess my fitness really is improving.
  5. I love running over the wooden bridge into Upton Country Park.
  6. I was within 30 seconds of running both under and over passing trains on the railway tracks I run past
  7. As a society, we really should move away from selling 2 pub meals for £8.49.  That can’t be real food, can it?
  8. The decorative, twirly railings on Poole’s new Twin Sails bridge look lethal if you fall into them!
  9. I stopped to peer at the second hand £34,000 Evora in the Lotus garage.  One day…
  10. Running on the road is dull (see 2)
  11. I really should see if some people at the running club fancy a head-torch trail run once a week.
  12. When the run gets tough, think about why – what specifically is making it imperfect? Then do something about it!  Simples 🙂
  13. I need to work on my memory techniques, as there’s a lot I’ve forgotten.

It’s funny what you think of when you run.  I enjoyed this one, and am looking forward to another tomorrow.

In other news, I also booked myself a sports massage for next week, and I’m hoping to make it a regular thing.  Hopefully my aforementioned ankle/calf/knee/ITB issue can be resolved this way.

Until next time…


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