An Update…

I started this blog as a diary of my progress towards what was to be my first ultra running event – Endure 24 – in June this year.  I’ve been terribly slack recently and haven’t posted anything since the end of February, but I have been doing lots of running!

I’ll write up reports of the more interesting runs I’ve done (primarily to help remind myself what I did when they make a film about just how amazing and epic I am in a few years… pahahaha!).  To give a quick idea, since the end of Feburary I’ve:

  • Run the Green Man Ultra – this was my first ultra, and I got all the way to the end!  (Total about 48 miles due to one or two unintentional diversions).  An amazing experience which I’ll write up shortly.
  • Had a nose around on the Runners World website a week or so after the GMU and thought it would be a brilliant idea to enter Day 3 of the Jurassic Coast Challenge.  So I ran that (3 weeks after the GMU).  I knew it was going to be hilly, but bloooooody hell!  More on that later.
  • Decided to make a Parkrun a bit more like ultra training, so I had a curry, 6 pints and a few vodkas the night before, ran down to the Parkrun with my race pack on, did the run, then ran home.  A bit over 13 miles all in.  I tried it again the week later without the alcohol and managed to get a Parkrun PB which I’m pleased about.
  • Run a few back-to-backs and general longer runs as training for my next ultra – the Pony Express – which is in just over 2 weeks as I write this.

So keep an eye out – I’ll try and get these written within the next week or so.


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