Anti-Facebook, some Photos and Run Until You Drop (Day 9).

Random quick post…

In the past, when I’ve taken photos or had something to say about running it’s generally been on Facebook, but I’ve recently got completely fed up with the way Facebook in general takes over my life, so I’ve culled a loads of “Friends”, removed myself from a bunch of groups and uninstalled the apps from my phone with the intention of vaguely keeping an eye on it from a computer occasionally.  We’ll see how that goes 🙂

Upton Country Park
The Upton Trailway (old Somerset and Dorset railway trackbed)

Anyway, I do like to run with a camera, so I thought I’d start using this blog a bit more.  For photos and for general thoughts about running.  At least it keeps it in one place, and if you like what I write then you can choose to follow and I won’t be spamming the world with running related wafflings.

Upton Country Park
Platelayers hut remains on the Upton Trailway

Anyway… I’m doing a challenge this month called Run Until You Drop.  You run 1 mile on February 1st, 2 miles on 2nd, 3 miles on 3rd etc.  Today is 9th February, so I’ve just got back from 9 miles.  It was a great run too – I’m still doing aerobic running and I averaged 8:27/mile with a heart rate of 143bpm which is by far the best pace I’ve ever done for such a low HR.

Upton Country Park
Sunset reflection off buildings in Poole

I also ran in my new Inov8 Trailroc 255s.  I spent a while trying to find this specific shoe as it’s supposed to be wider than others (my Salomon Speedcross 3’s and Hoka Stinsons are great but a tiny bit narrow for my overly wide feet!).  Everyone in the universe seemed to be out of stock of my size of the Trailroc 255’s, so I opted for the closest – half a size up (I bought size 11 instead of 10.5).  Anyway, they are wider, and so I should really have got the right size.  I like the shoe, but the socks were too thin on the first run and I had some heel rubbing.  Today I ran in my Sealskinz which are really thick (and I’ve never run in before) – they felt OK and although they’re waterproof my feet did end up a bit sweaty in them.  10 miles is probably OK, but I don’t think I’d like to do an ultra in them.  Promise from the shoes anyway, but I think I’m going to have to find the right size next time!

Upton Country Park
Poole from Upton Country Park

The photos in the post are from the run tonight.  It was lovely being out in the heath and Upton Country Park as the sun set.  It’s the first run I’ve done in shorts and t-shirt for a long time as it was a little warmer today, but it started to get pretty cold as the sun went down!

Until next time… happy running 🙂


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