February’s Marathon (& lots of photos)

I ran 27 miles today.  Which is slightly silly considering I have a 44 mile ultra in a week.  But there were 2 very important reasons, and they are these:

1. I was speaking to the owner of a camera shop last month who mentioned in passing that he’s done a 100 mile+ cycle ride every month for the last 10 years.  As you do.  And that gave me an idea… I wondered how many months I could go running at least one run of marathon distance or longer.  I already had a 30 miler planned in January, and figured I could get one in during February without too much issue.

2. I started Run Until You Drop (1 mile on Feb 1st, 2 miles on Feb 2nd etc) and got to Day 13.  I stopped due to logistical issues (read: to not be divorced), and haven’t managed any of the days.  Today is the 27th Feb, so I thought I might as well get one more red square on the FetchEveryone challenge page and 27 more points to my score.

So I did.  And I took my camera.  I’m not going to do a big long post about every detail of the run, just a few bullet points, more for my reference:

  • Tried to run with HR below 143 from the start but it wouldn’t stay that low, so I just dumped the alert up to 155bpm.  That was fine for about 20 miles, then I slipped it up to 165 just to stop it annoying me during the uphill at the end.  Average HR was 149 for 27 miles.
  • This was the first run with the Inov8 Race Ultra 10 pack.  I took the WG3 camera in the top pocket, phone, money, keys, waterproof jacket, compass, first aid kit, headtorch, batteries, 2 soft-flasks with 1 litre of water combined, 2 flapjacks, 2 gels and probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten.  This was supposed to be a test run with the pack so I took what I’m intending to take for the Green Man Ultra next weekend.
  • The soft-flasks actually work quite well.  You need to shove them into the pack when you fill them up (I filled up twice, so that’s 3 litres over the whole run as I started with a litre when I left), but my “checkpoint” stops for refilling at the beach water taps were about 1-2 minutes tops.
  • The end was really hard – all uphill and I got pretty slow.  Having said that, I was aiming for a 10:00-10:30/mile pace for the run, and finishing in 09:30/mile.  The terrain isn’t the same, but that’s a 7 hour pace for the Green Man, which is two hours ahead of my “A” target time.  So I don’t mind to much that it hurt, but I’m not sure how it’s going to feel next weekend running at 10:00-12:00 pace for bits of it as I haven’t done much.

That’s about it.  Here are some pretty photos, complete with sarcastic captions.  Hoorah!

20150227_090019-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0648

The trailway. With trees. And no trains. Which I’m still cross about.

20150227_090928-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0649

A road. And the sun. It was sunny.

20150227_092239-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0652

Ooops. That doesn’t look parked very well.

20150227_092716-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0653

This is the new Twin Sails bridge in Poole. I can’t tell if it’s working today as it’s down. It’s mostly not working.

20150227_093524-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0655

And this is the old lifting bridge in Poole. This one mostly works. I don’t often see it up, so I was quite excited.

20150227_093726-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0657

Poole Quay.

20150227_093739-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0658

Some ponse’s massive Gin Palace. I’m not jealous.

20150227_093804-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0659

One day in December I entered this establishment. I don’t entirely remember leaving. I’m classy like that.

20150227_094302-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0660

More Poole!

20150227_094316-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0662

Some fire. On the Purbecks. Or an Island.

20150227_100256-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0663

Evening Hill looking down towards Brownsea Island. It’s a bit of a rough place round here – cheap houses in Sandbanks, you see.

20150227_100449-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0664

Brownsea Island. Across the water, that is.

20150227_103705-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0666

Bournemouth Pier!

20150227_104308-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0668

Cliff train/tram thingy off of early last century. These are really cool…. well, I like them.

20150227_105200-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0669

Oooh, arty black-and-white shot of Boscombe Pier. Do you like it?

20150227_105306-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0671

From the pier towards Bournemouth.

20150227_110641-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0674

The new zip-wire from the end of Bournemouth Pier to the beach is the longest zip wire in the world ever. And it’s also the cheapest, fastest, highest and most excellent, dude.

20150227_113759-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0675

Arty grassy shot of the harbour.


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