Oh dear.  I’ve just revisited this page after 4 years, and things have moved on a bit.  I’m 3.5 stone lighter than I was and have done a few more runs.  I’ll leave the 2013 info in below for giggles, but this is where I’m at now (2017):

Type Distance Time Notes
Longest Run 100 miles 22:49 SDW100, 2017
Marathon 26.2 miles 3:26:54 Bournemouth, 2015
Half Marathon 13.1 miles 1:31:20 Salisbury, 2017
10K 6.2 miles 43:48 Purbeck 10K, 2010 (haven’t done one since!)
5K 3.1 miles 19:02 Poole parkrun.
1 Mile 1 mile 5:35 Unofficial, measured by my Garmin, still all downhill.  (Some time in 2015 iirc)


And here’s the old waffle from 2013:

Here’s a list of my notable running achievements:

Type Distance Time Notes
Longest Run 26.81 miles 5h 16m Broadstone to Fordingbridge training run, mostly off-road
Marathon 26.2 miles 4:24:31 Dublin Marathon 2011
Half Marathon 13.1 miles 1:48:18 Swanage Half 2011
10K 6.2 miles 43:48 Purbeck 10K, 2010
5K 3.1 miles 21:32 Corfe Mullen Carnival 5K, 2011 (recorded distance was 3.24 miles)
1 Mile 1 mile 5:43 Unofficial, measured by my Garmin, all downhill!


June 2014 brings on Endure 24 which was my main target when I started this blog.  However, my mindset it shifting from doing a single endurance event to quite liking the look of ultrarunning in general, so at the moment I have the following tentative plans:

  • To the end of 2013: General unstructured running building up to a 30-50 miles per week for November/December.
  • Enter at least one ultra event for March/April time 2014.  I’m currently looking at the Green Man Ultra and the Pony Express.
  • Entering the event(s) above will force careful thinking about a structure training plan and should get me a fair way towards E24 training for my currently ridiculous target of 100 miles.

My speed is improving with all the distance running I’m doing at the moment, but I’m not doing any specific speed training and I’d like to change that a little.  It would be nice to get at least a sub 22 minute 5k (Parkrun most likely) and maybe a sub 46 minute 10k in sometime in the next 6 months.  I’m also starting some general core/strength training – nothing too intense but just stuff that will be useful for endurance running, mainly to reduce injury risk.

And finally, I’d like (I *need*!) to lose a bit of weight.  In May this year I was a little under 15.5 stone (around 215lb or 98kg).  Now (1st November), I’m floating around 14st (196lb or 89kg), and when I do my first ultra around March next year I’d like to be closer to 12st (168lb or 76kg).  That’s 28lb to lost in 5 months, or just over 1lb/week – perfectly realistic and very useful for endurance, speed and again reducing injury risk.

I’ll try and update this page once a month or so to show how I’m getting on…


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