I’ve finally got some Hoka’s

Right, first off I need to explain what’s going on with the blog.  I’ve got a bit behind, and that’s stopped me putting new stuff on because it’s wouldn’t be in chronological order.  And then I woke up and realised that it doesn’t bloody matter!  So, here’s some new stuff, and I’ll fill in the gaps in what I’ve been up to over the last couple of months as time allows.

But today, here, and now, I shall waffle on about my new Clown/Moon/Spice Girl* shoes (* delete as applicable) – Hoka One One Stinson Trail.


Sporty Spice’s Shoes – Hoka Stinson Trail

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Quick Update!

Wow, it’s been over a month since I wrote anything on the blog!

Quite a few things have happened since then, and I’ll go into some more detail in posts over the next few days as I catch up.  Here’s a rough idea of what’s coming:

  • I’ve entered the Green Man Ultra.  I’m not entirely sure that’s a good idea, but it’ll now be my first ultra ever!
  • I’ve also entered the Pony Express Multistage Ultra, which I’ll be running with my sister.  She’s done it before, and I’m so inspired by her running so it’ll be an amazing experience to run with her.
  • I got a new watch for Christmas – a Garmin Forerunner 620 – which I love.  I can fill my brain with even more useless numbers!
  • I also got a new pair of shoes – some Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 (that’s a mouthful) trail shoes.  I’ve only done 1 run so far which seemed OK.
  • And finally I got a handheld GPS with OS mapping (a Garmin eTrex 30), mainly because I’m panicking about navigation in the Green Man, and it was at a fantastic price so I couldn’t resist it!

I’ll be back shortly with some more details about the stuff above, but right now I have to go and wash SmallBoy’s hair in the bath!  Back later…

Running Photos: Fordingbridge towards Downton with the Pentax WG3-GPS

My mother has recently gone into hospital for an operation on her leg (the 4th recurrence of malignant melanoma needed to be chopped out which is not much fun).  I stayed at her house for a couple of nights to look after her Collie’s while she was in hospital and this gave me an opportunity to run in some different areas.

Greg - one of my Mum's Border Collie's.

Greg – one of my Mum’s Border Collie’s.

Henry- the other one!

Henry- the other one!

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First Headtorch Run: Upton Heath

This whole blog started because next year I’m planning on running in the Endure 24 event.  Part of the requirements is that you must have a head-torch – as a 24 hours event, it will obviously be partly run at night.

I’ve never used a head-torch for running before, and over the summer dusk is so late that it’s not really practical to get out and try one out.  But I had borrowed my sister’s head torch (she’s run 40+ marathons including several multi-day ultra’s so she’s got all the kit 🙂 ) and was desperate to try it out.

Roll on September – the evenings are getting darker quicker, and it’s given me an opportunity to try out this running experience at a far more reasonable time of day.

This is also the first post that includes some photos from my new Pentax WG3-GPS camera which I spoke about here.

Poole at dusk from Upton Heath

Poole at dusk from Upton Heath

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A Camera to Run With: Pentax WG3-GPS

As I’m getting more into trail running and upping my running distance, I’ve been thinking a bit about getting a camera specifically to take photos while running.  This isn’t going to be a big review of a camera – more just a note of my thought process behind the choice I made.

Pentax WG3-GPS

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