February’s Marathon (& lots of photos)

I ran 27 miles today.  Which is slightly silly considering I have a 44 mile ultra in a week.  But there were 2 very important reasons, and they are these:

1. I was speaking to the owner of a camera shop last month who mentioned in passing that he’s done a 100 mile+ cycle ride every month for the last 10 years.  As you do.  And that gave me an idea… I wondered how many months I could go running at least one run of marathon distance or longer.  I already had a 30 miler planned in January, and figured I could get one in during February without too much issue.

2. I started Run Until You Drop (1 mile on Feb 1st, 2 miles on Feb 2nd etc) and got to Day 13.  I stopped due to logistical issues (read: to not be divorced), and haven’t managed any of the days.  Today is the 27th Feb, so I thought I might as well get one more red square on the FetchEveryone challenge page and 27 more points to my score. Continue reading →


It was supposed to be a Marathon! – An eventful 17 miler.

Today, the inaugural Bournemouth & Poole Marathon was taking place.  At the time you had to enter earlier in the year, I had no interest in doing anything competitive, but today I was really disappointed not to be doing it.  Being a little bit bonkers, I decided I’d do my own marathon – lots of trails and no care about time, just 26.2 miles of fun.  It went almost perfectly for the first half a mile…

Beautiful weather and scenery just north of Sopley

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Night Time 20 Miler

I’m slowly formulating a very loose sort of training plan for Endure 24, which is now 9 months away.  At the moment, my plan involves laying down a solid, consistent running base this year (2013), and doing something a bit more specific next year.  As I’m looking at Endure 24 as an ultrarunning event, the “solid base” I’m creating this year is already involving some quite long runs which can get in the way of normal family life somewhat, so I’m trying out ways of making this a bit more tolerable.  Yesterday’s experiment was to take the run into the night.

Looking back down Canford Heath Road

Looking back down Canford Heath Road

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