Anti-Facebook, some Photos and Run Until You Drop (Day 9).

Random quick post…

In the past, when I’ve taken photos or had something to say about running it’s generally been on Facebook, but I’ve recently got completely fed up with the way Facebook in general takes over my life, so I’ve culled a loads of “Friends”, removed myself from a bunch of groups and uninstalled the apps from my phone with the intention of vaguely keeping an eye on it from a computer occasionally.  We’ll see how that goes 🙂

Upton Country Park

The Upton Trailway (old Somerset and Dorset railway trackbed)

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A few Photos of Poole from tonight’s run

After reading lots of bits and pieces on the interwebs about running, I couldn’t help but get out for a nice 10 miler 🙂  I didn’t fancy running with water bottles, so I put a litre of water in my Camelbak, stuck in my camera, phone, headtorch etc and got going about 20 minutes before sundown.  Here are a few photos from the run:

The trail into Upton Country Park

The trail into Upton Country Park

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My First “Ultra” Run

Ibsley Bridge

If the definition of an Ultrarun is more than 26.2 miles, then yesterday I did my first!  It was a training run from my home to my mum’s house, a total distance of 26.8 miles with at least 80% off-road, and considering my recent running totals (I only did 39 miles running in the whole of July), I’m very pleased with the distance and how it went.

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