Running Photos: Fordingbridge towards Downton with the Pentax WG3-GPS

My mother has recently gone into hospital for an operation on her leg (the 4th recurrence of malignant melanoma needed to be chopped out which is not much fun).  I stayed at her house for a couple of nights to look after her Collie’s while she was in hospital and this gave me an opportunity to run in some different areas.

Greg - one of my Mum's Border Collie's.

Greg – one of my Mum’s Border Collie’s.

Henry- the other one!

Henry- the other one!

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My First “Ultra” Run

Ibsley Bridge

If the definition of an Ultrarun is more than 26.2 miles, then yesterday I did my first!  It was a training run from my home to my mum’s house, a total distance of 26.8 miles with at least 80% off-road, and considering my recent running totals (I only did 39 miles running in the whole of July), I’m very pleased with the distance and how it went.

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