Win-tervals. (Wine + Intervals :) )


I wouldn’t have thought it was generally recommended to do a track session after having a couple of glasses of wine, but I really needed to get out this evening and get at least some sort of run done, so why not make it a track run?!

I went up to the track in the school playing field very close to where I live (see the photo above from a test flight of my quadrocopter a couple of months ago).  The track’s on grass so it’s nice and gentle on the legs (at least as gentle as a track session can be), and with it being school holidays the area it usually deserted.

I kept the session the same as last time (warm up, then 8 x 400m with 2 minutes rest in between).  I use a Garmin (310XT) so my times are logged, and last week and today I set the watch up to measure the 400m thinking it would be accurate enough.  But today I learnt that it’s not quite there and I really should use the track markings.  Laps 5 recorded on the Garmin was too short this time round so it should really be ignored.  At least I know for next time.

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