Thames Path 100 – 2016

I always intend to write a race report after each ultra that I do, but usually only get as far as about half way and then forget to finish.  Hopefully I’ll actually get to the end of this one…

Before the TP100, I devoured pretty much every race report I could find and found it really useful as there were a lot of common things mentioned, and when lots of people are talking about a specific part of the run (e.g. a hill, or endless fields etc) then you know it’s something to at least be aware of.  As I didn’t have a chance to recee any of the run, this was handy info.

I wanted to write this report for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it serves as a good reminder to myself if I choose to do the event again, and even if not then I like to put a “lessons learnt” section in and it’s usually handy to check over that to make sure I don’t make any silly mistakes in future runs.  Secondly, I found the race reports I read really useful, and wanted to add my take on it to the pool so I can help someone else out.  Thirdly, it’s such an epic experience to run 100 miles I kind-of want to keep the feeling alive a bit longer 🙂

So… how to write this?  I can’t remember all the details in the right order, so it might be a bit of a muddle but I’ll try and keep it in as much of the correct time order as possible!

Let the tale begin…

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Endure 24 – Race Report

I started this blog on 7th August 2013 with this post and the intention of tracking my running progress and thoughts towards the first ultra event I entered – a little 24 hour endurance race called Endure 24.  Back in August last year, the furthest I’d ever run was a marathon, which I’d managed 3 times before slowly 3 times in 1999, 2006 and 2011.  Since starting this blog, I’ve run at least marathon distance over 10 times, run 4 ultras, covered 56 miles in a training run and just this last weekend covered 75 miles in 24 hours.  Not bad for 10 months 🙂

20140627_174950-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0594

Endure 24 Flags

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Wimborne 10

I’ve been a bit busy (* lazy!) recently and got behind with a couple of “diary entry” posts, so I’m going to write this one fairly quickly.  On Sunday 17th, I ran the Wimborne 10 (mile) race, which was lovely!

This was another race where you parked a fair way from the start.  Why does no-one else run to the start?!  I ran on down at a slow pace while loads of other people just wandered down the pavement.  I ended up crossing over and running on the road to avoid the crowded pavements, and was getting very odd looks from people as I ran the 0.7 miles to the start.  Weird… I thought people were here to run.

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Just Entered: Wimborne 10 mile

Training this week is going fairly well although I’m lacking a bit of motivation today, so I thought I’d enter another race 🙂

(Image linked from the Wimborne 10 Website)

The Wimborne 10 is one I’ve glanced at each year for many years, but haven’t hadn’t had the confidence in my fitness to run a 10 miler. This year – sod it! I managed The Stickler last weekend which is the same length and considerably hillier, so I’m well up for this one now.

If you’re interested, the website is here:

The Stickler “Race Report”

On Sunday 27th October (yesterday as I write this), I ran my first race in 2 years – “The Stickler“.  Despite being a bit nervous about it all beforehand, I bloody loved it!

The Station at Shillingstone - where the race ends.

The Station at Shillingstone – where the race ends (this wasn’t taken on race day!)

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Just Entered…


I’ve just entered The Stickler.  It’s in 2 weeks, and described as:

“also known as the Dorset 3 Peaks Challenge is a 10.1 mile multi terrain running race. It involves over 1500ft of gruelling climbing, beginning with the infamous ’Stickle Path’. Runners ascend three locally renowned peaks along the beautiful Stour Valley: Okeford Beacon, Hod Hill and Hambledon. The going is predominantly gravel tracks with some stretches on tarmac or grass. “

As I haven’t really run up any hills since Switzerland 2 months ago, this could be a bit of a disaster.  But nothing focuses you more than actually having something to aim for, so what the hell… 🙂