Endure 24 (2015) – Second attempt at 100 miles…

[Note – I wrote most of this shortly after running at E24, but never got round to publishing it.  It seems pretty much complete so it seems a shame to leave it languishing in the depths of the internet as a draft…]


August 2013 was when I did my first run over 26.2 miles.  June 2015 –  a little over 48 hours ago – I finished my first ever 100 miles at Endure 24 🙂

A bit of history

I started this blog as a way of tracking my progress towards trying to run 100 miles at Endure 24 in 2014.  I didn’t quite get there, managing 75 miles in the end.  I should have been delighted – and in a lot of ways I was, after all that’s one hell of an achievement.  But I wanted to run 100 miles, and I thought I could run 100 miles, so another part of me was pretty annoyed that I’d failed to meet my target. Continue reading →


Anti-Facebook, some Photos and Run Until You Drop (Day 9).

Random quick post…

In the past, when I’ve taken photos or had something to say about running it’s generally been on Facebook, but I’ve recently got completely fed up with the way Facebook in general takes over my life, so I’ve culled a loads of “Friends”, removed myself from a bunch of groups and uninstalled the apps from my phone with the intention of vaguely keeping an eye on it from a computer occasionally.  We’ll see how that goes 🙂

Upton Country Park

The Upton Trailway (old Somerset and Dorset railway trackbed)

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Parkrun PB :)

The last few weeks I’ve managed my planned 30 miles of running (each week with a 4-8 mile walk in there too) and on Saturday I decided to do my 2nd ever Parkrun (almost 2 years afer the first).

It went well – I managed a PB (down from 22:22 to 21:47) – so I’m really pleased with that.

This week (and I’m writing this 5 days into the week)… I haven’t run at all.  I’m not too bothered, I figure a break occasionally is a good idea.  I’ve got the Wimborne 10 mile race on Sunday, and I’ve now gone and planned a ridiculous run for (pretty much the whole of) next Wednesday.  I won’t say any more now, but watch this space as I’ll be pretty chuffed if I managed to do what I’ve planned.

Until next time… Happy Running!