A few Photos of Poole from tonight’s run

After reading lots of bits and pieces on the interwebs about running, I couldn’t help but get out for a nice 10 miler 🙂  I didn’t fancy running with water bottles, so I put a litre of water in my Camelbak, stuck in my camera, phone, headtorch etc and got going about 20 minutes before sundown.  Here are a few photos from the run:

The trail into Upton Country Park

The trail into Upton Country Park

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7 Lies You Believe About Ultra Marathons

While sitting in my chair in the office, listening to the camera beside me clicking away and the computer buzzing to analyse the images, I’ve been searching for an ultra to run early next year and reading various posts about ultrarunning.

I particularly enjoyed this one, from “Vanessa Runs”:


And that’s got me all in the mood for going out for a run.  Catch ya later 🙂

The Stickler “Race Report”

On Sunday 27th October (yesterday as I write this), I ran my first race in 2 years – “The Stickler“.  Despite being a bit nervous about it all beforehand, I bloody loved it!

The Station at Shillingstone - where the race ends.

The Station at Shillingstone – where the race ends (this wasn’t taken on race day!)

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13 times Round the Block – Have I gone mad?!

Last week I didn’t really feel like running much, but this week has been a pretty good one.  On Sunday I did a 16 mile run which turned out to be the fastest I’ve ever run 16 miles (8:34/mile average – not earth shattering, but about 2 minutes a mile faster than I was a few months back).  And today, I had a moment of insanity…


The area I was running around.

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Just Entered…


I’ve just entered The Stickler.  It’s in 2 weeks, and described as:

“also known as the Dorset 3 Peaks Challenge is a 10.1 mile multi terrain running race. It involves over 1500ft of gruelling climbing, beginning with the infamous ’Stickle Path’. Runners ascend three locally renowned peaks along the beautiful Stour Valley: Okeford Beacon, Hod Hill and Hambledon. The going is predominantly gravel tracks with some stretches on tarmac or grass. “

As I haven’t really run up any hills since Switzerland 2 months ago, this could be a bit of a disaster.  But nothing focuses you more than actually having something to aim for, so what the hell… 🙂

It was supposed to be a Marathon! – An eventful 17 miler.

Today, the inaugural Bournemouth & Poole Marathon was taking place.  At the time you had to enter earlier in the year, I had no interest in doing anything competitive, but today I was really disappointed not to be doing it.  Being a little bit bonkers, I decided I’d do my own marathon – lots of trails and no care about time, just 26.2 miles of fun.  It went almost perfectly for the first half a mile…

Beautiful weather and scenery just north of Sopley

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