Anti-Facebook, some Photos and Run Until You Drop (Day 9).

Random quick post…

In the past, when I’ve taken photos or had something to say about running it’s generally been on Facebook, but I’ve recently got completely fed up with the way Facebook in general takes over my life, so I’ve culled a loads of “Friends”, removed myself from a bunch of groups and uninstalled the apps from my phone with the intention of vaguely keeping an eye on it from a computer occasionally.  We’ll see how that goes 🙂

Upton Country Park

The Upton Trailway (old Somerset and Dorset railway trackbed)

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Endure 24 – Race Report

I started this blog on 7th August 2013 with this post and the intention of tracking my running progress and thoughts towards the first ultra event I entered – a little 24 hour endurance race called Endure 24.  Back in August last year, the furthest I’d ever run was a marathon, which I’d managed 3 times before slowly 3 times in 1999, 2006 and 2011.  Since starting this blog, I’ve run at least marathon distance over 10 times, run 4 ultras, covered 56 miles in a training run and just this last weekend covered 75 miles in 24 hours.  Not bad for 10 months 🙂

20140627_174950-PENTAX WG-3 GPS-0594

Endure 24 Flags

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13 times Round the Block – Have I gone mad?!

Last week I didn’t really feel like running much, but this week has been a pretty good one.  On Sunday I did a 16 mile run which turned out to be the fastest I’ve ever run 16 miles (8:34/mile average – not earth shattering, but about 2 minutes a mile faster than I was a few months back).  And today, I had a moment of insanity…


The area I was running around.

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It was supposed to be a Marathon! – An eventful 17 miler.

Today, the inaugural Bournemouth & Poole Marathon was taking place.  At the time you had to enter earlier in the year, I had no interest in doing anything competitive, but today I was really disappointed not to be doing it.  Being a little bit bonkers, I decided I’d do my own marathon – lots of trails and no care about time, just 26.2 miles of fun.  It went almost perfectly for the first half a mile…

Beautiful weather and scenery just north of Sopley

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First Headtorch Run: Upton Heath

This whole blog started because next year I’m planning on running in the Endure 24 event.  Part of the requirements is that you must have a head-torch – as a 24 hours event, it will obviously be partly run at night.

I’ve never used a head-torch for running before, and over the summer dusk is so late that it’s not really practical to get out and try one out.  But I had borrowed my sister’s head torch (she’s run 40+ marathons including several multi-day ultra’s so she’s got all the kit 🙂 ) and was desperate to try it out.

Roll on September – the evenings are getting darker quicker, and it’s given me an opportunity to try out this running experience at a far more reasonable time of day.

This is also the first post that includes some photos from my new Pentax WG3-GPS camera which I spoke about here.

Poole at dusk from Upton Heath

Poole at dusk from Upton Heath

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A Camera to Run With: Pentax WG3-GPS

As I’m getting more into trail running and upping my running distance, I’ve been thinking a bit about getting a camera specifically to take photos while running.  This isn’t going to be a big review of a camera – more just a note of my thought process behind the choice I made.

Pentax WG3-GPS

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My Running History

FiveFingers (37/365)

I’ll try and keep this fairly short, but I have been known to waffle on so please excuse me if it gets a bit long 🙂

My running inspiration comes from my sister.  She started running in her late teens (if I remember right), and has been a runner ever since – I call her a runner as it’s become one of the things that defines her.  She’s a (medical) doctor in a very busy job (as a consultant), and yet she’s still found the time to run over 40 marathons in the past 20 years or so.  She lives and breathes running… or at least she did until she gave birth to her beautiful daughter a couple of months ago 🙂

So, I started running when I went to university, mainly because I was inspired by my sister.  She’s not pushy at all but she’s very encouraging and she used to talk of runs with such real enthusiasm that I thought I’d better give it a go.  I did a few run-walk affairs, mainly to get places a bit quicker than walking on it’s own.  Then my girlfriend (now my wife) and I decided to take it a little more seriously with a magazine plan to a 25 minute run, and 6 weeks later we had got to 25-30 minutes running. Continue reading →