12 months of Average HR and Average Pace

I’ve just got back from my Day 10 run of Run Until You Drop (so, 10 miles), and uploaded my magic numbers to Garmin Connect.  I was tinkering around with some of the menus and came across these two charts which I thought showed the effect of my aerobic training so far:

Here’s the pace:

Average Pace
Average Pace

And here’s the heart rate:

Average Heart Rate
Average Heart Rate

I started aerobic training in mid November, so you can see the bulk of my runs have been at a heart rate around 140bpm since then (whereas before, where I wore a heart rate monitor, the average seems to be around the 160bpm mark).

And the pace in mid-November started around 10min/mile (or slightly slower), and is now around the 8:30min/mile mark with a fairly linear progression.  If it keeps going like that, I might be running 7 minute miles at 140bpm by June! (yeah, likely!!)

Nothing else to add really – I just thought these were quite a clear and interesting graphical representation of how my training has changed and the benefits it’s bringing.


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